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Bank Guarantees  (SBLC)

Clients looking to lease or purchase bank guarantees or SBLCs to act as collateral for project funding or credit lines, may contact us for further details. Procedure to acquire such banking instrument keeps on changing. Different BG providers have different procedures. We will try our best to offer a procedure which might suit the needs of our clients. Email for further details.

To understand how Bank Guarantees work and which Swift Message is suitable for which financial activity, Please visit

Project Funding

Project owners looking to finance their dream projects may contact us. We will need a brief Executive summary of the project coupled with Client Information Sheet. We will pair you with suitable investors who might offer the much needed funds to you. This procedure involves active participation of the client and he/she must possess a 2% servicing fee to get such funds. Email for further details.

For details of how projects are funded, please visit

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If a client is in possession of bank guarantee / SBLC from a top bank, it can be monetised [ or discounted ].  Bank instruments issued by different banks attract a variable Loan to Value [LTV]. Leased bank instruments MT 760, LTNs, MTNs, Treasury Bills and other assets with SKR can all be monetized. Email for further details

Unsecured Short Term Business Loans (Also termed as Bridging Loans)

We now have available unsecured short term business loans for UK businesses only. They are very flexible in their structures and provide your business with a very quick cash injection.

Key Features

Loan amounts from £ 3000 – £2 million

Loans used for any business purpose

No charges on property required

Loan Term upto 60 months

Minimum 9 months trading

Ltd Companies Partnerships and Sole Traders Considered

Loans for any business purpose including:

Stock Purchase

Property Refurbishment

Business Expansion


Equipment Purchase

Business Cashflow

Payment of VAT and Tax

Simple Application Process

Funds Can be made Available within 5 days

Adverse credit considered

We can send you application form and asset & liability form (for each director). Please complete and email back along with the following:

6 months business bank statements

Last 4 quarters vat returns – if there are 4 if not as many as possible

Last 2 years audited accounts -if applicable

If they have credit reports available always helpful but not essential

On receipt we normally obtain a decision with 24 hours with funds released within a few days.

To apply for Secured or Unsecured Business Loan, please download our application form titled MC Business Loan Application Form”. Please fill it and send it to

To apply for Unsecured Personal Loan, please download our application form titled MC Personal Loan Application Form”. Please fill it and send it to

Unsecured Short Term Business Loans london
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If you are a High Net Worth Individual and are interested in embarking upon a Private Placement Program, then we might be able to help you. Please remember that you have to be invited to make such investment. We are not providing financial or securities advice. This is not an Offer, invitation or solicitation to invest in any Private Placement Program. You may or may not succeed depending upon the rules of various platforms. MT 760 or MT 799 might not suffice as cash deposits are sought by some platforms. The minimum entry level for such programs is US$ 100 million.

Small Cap Investment Program is also available. Entry level is Euro 350K and funds have to be transferred to the trader’s account. Contact us for further details. Email